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An LMS with Advanced Gamification Offers a Reward System to Strengthen User Engagement

If you wanna be the best, like no one ever was, you’re not alone. Whether in sports, academia, vying for that front-row parking space or catching ‘em all in Pokémon GO, we all want to be the best because competition is in our nature. A learning management system (LMS) that incorporates advanced gamification taps into this innate drive to win and this benefits both your learners and your organization.

An LMS with gamification gives your learners a platform for nurturing that healthy sense of competition. Studies show that competitiveness improves users’ engagement, interactivity and motivation .

What is Gamification in Elearning?

Gamification applies gaming concepts to elearning . It allows you to assign points to questions, or courses, so users can unlock badges based on certain achievements to level up and jockey for rank in your company’s leaderboard. Learning management systems with advanced gamification let your learners cash in the points they’ve earned for real world prizes.

Why is Gamification Important?

Since they’re the largest share of the labor market (32%) , the odds are pretty high that you have a millennial or two working in your organization. This is the first generation to hit the workforce that grew up with the most technology constantly at their fingertips; by 1990, 30% of American households owned a Nintendo NES .

Gamification is also important because millennials have short attention spans . Applying gamification in your elearning platform engages your younger workers with their learning material, and the more engaged a learner is with their training content, the more likely they are to retain that information.

Implementing an LMS with gamification features benefits more than millennials because it satisfies everyone’s desire to one-up each other.

Turn Button Mashing into the Drive to Win

With its latest update, pentaq电竞下载在线入口 added the Rewards Marketplace to its gamification LMS . The Rewards Marketplace is a competitive environment where users earn points for completing training tasks and are awarded coins based on the number of points they earn. Users can spend these coins on administrator created rewards , such as an Amazon gift card or a vacation getaway for two to New York City. The user keeps their points to track their own performance and is motivated to earn more points.

Top pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Features:

  • Distributing Rewards  – The LMS serves as the catalog to display, manage, and allocate physical or virtual rewards. The super admin or admin will be in charge of distributing the rewards.
  • Notifications  – When a user redeems a reward, admins are notified so they can approve, reject or message the requesting user.
  • Multiple Branches  – You can configure a specific set of rewards for a specific branch in your pentaq电竞下载在线入口 platform. We are all competitive by nature, so leveling up your LMS to include gamification will benefit both your learners and your organization.

We are all competitive by nature, so leveling up your LMS to include gamification will benefit both your learners and your organization.

Discover how a little healthy competition with an LMS offering a gamification-based incentive program will improve your learners’ performance and engagement. Start your 14 day free trial to test drive pentaq电竞下载在线入口 6.9.

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