Today, we’re excited to announce that pentaq电竞下载在线入口 has acquired forMetris , a global leader in learning effectiveness technology. This is a monumental step in the expansion of pentaq电竞下载在线入口’s product portfolio and will allow pentaq电竞下载在线入口 to address the needs of our customers across the complete training lifecycle.

My friend, CEO of forMetris, Laurent Balagué, has had a close partnership with our pentaq电竞下载在线入口 family for the past year, making forMetris available to pentaq电竞下载在线入口 customers through native integration. Now, we come together as one to enable customers to measure the full impact of enterprise learning.

Joining forces with forMetris will also open the doors to pentaq电竞下载在线入口 France, expanding our physical European presence and footprint. Over the next few months, the forMetris and pentaq电竞下载在线入口 product development teams will come together to augment the current product, now known as pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Impact, and give organizations a better way to validate learning effectiveness.


Gauging learning impact is within arm’s reach

Companies spend a lot of time and resources creating, delivering, and tracking learning, but many struggle to understand its effectiveness. They don’t have a quick and continuous way to measure impact and pivot learning programs that deepen their learning investments and make noise beyond their LMS. Laurent and I agree that Return of Learning should be one of the main KPIs for the L&D world.

Fewer than 16% of organizations effectively identify and track metrics, including knowledge transfer, behavior change, and business impact for their learning (Brandon Hall Group’s 2020 Learning Measurement Study). The inability to measure learning’s impact is a top challenge to achieving critical learning outcomes that tie back to business outcomes.

pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Impact is a complete set of tools, from pre-training to follow-up evaluation and self-coaching applications, to help companies measure learning efficiency on a larger scale and boost its impact.


This is only the beginning  

Learning technology has proven its ability to help businesses navigate disruption. It is no longer a nice-to-have—it is mission-critical to an organization’s ability to adapt and thrive through change.

We are looking forward to the next few months, as pentaq电竞下载在线入口 and forMetris merge as one. pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Impact is only the beginning of an exciting journey ahead to make learning a strategic business driver of growth and success.

Stay safe and stay healthy,

Claudio Erba
Founder & CEO

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