Assign customized elements for each subdomain of your learning platform, from custom branding to multiple authentication mechanisms

Manage different portals for partners, customers or departments within your organization. Multiple domains can have unique characteristics, controlled from a central location.

Multiple Domains and URLs

pentaq电竞下载在线入口 allows you to set up multiple custom domains so each domain has distinct branding elements to establish an individualized look and feel for each audience.

Multiple domains and URLs – pentaq电竞下载在线入口 LMS
Multiple authentication methods

Multiple authentication methods

Leverage a variety of authentication methods to enable your partners and customers to access learning content easily, improve course completion and customer/partner adoption.

Multiple Admins

Each domain can be assigned different administrators and managers, while retaining full control over content, permissions and access.

Assign different admins and managers to different domains
Set different gamification for different domains

Set different gamification mechanics for each domain

Improve course completion and comprehension by leaning on users’ competitive sides with gamification. Each administrator can make learning fun and improve learning outcomes by running contests for different learning activities, and award top performers with points, badges and/or coins that can be spent in a rewards shop

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