TORONTO, June 1, 2021 –  pentaq电竞下载在线入口  (Nasdaq:DCBO; TSX:DCBO), a leading artificial intelligence (AI)-powered learning suite, today announced the launch of pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Analytics, the newest addition to its multi-product learning suite. 

pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Analytics is a business intelligence tool that allows enterprise customers to retrieve, analyze, and transform the data from their learning programs into useful business insights. With pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Analytics, L&D professionals around the world will be able to better tie the results of their training programs back to business outcomes to make the most strategic decisions for their business.  

In March 2021, the company launched pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Suite to address the full enterprise learning lifecycle to give customers the ability to create, manage, deliver, and measure the business impact of learning. Together with products pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learn LMS, Shape, Content, and Learning Impact pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Analytics allows organizations to close the loop even further by proving their learning programs are powering their business. 

“We are very proud to offer our customers the analytics that will prove what they do every day powers larger business decisions and strategy”, said Andrea Lorenzon, SVP of Product at pentaq电竞下载在线入口. “With the launch of pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Analytics, our vision for the learning suite of the future continues to unfold, and we are committed to continuously building products that will satisfy and address all of the challenges L&D professionals face today.” 

For more information on pentaq电竞下载在线入口 Learning Analytics, visit

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